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flowers in january

CNV00008Wow, hello 2k15. A new year with lots of coffee and late night dancing, hopefully some new friends and experiences. I’m seeing Alt-J (heart) in February and I’m going to Amsterdam in April. I’ve got a few new tattoos planned (which is always very exciting!!) and in five months i’ll be finished with college forever and I really can’t wait (!!!!). I still haven’t decided whether to stay in Oslo and work for another year, go back to England for further studies or just pack a bag and get a train somewhere exotic.. I guess time will show.

CNV00013I’ve closed quite a few chapters in my life during the past year. Ended some of those paths that didn’t lead nowhere; which, although painful, probably is the best for my own psyche and health. I’m trying not to be cheesy with lots of new year resolutions, but i know that this year, I want to focus on taking care of myself and stop wasting time. I want to finish college with decent grades I’ve actually worked for. Well, most of all, I want to FINISH, and not drop out, which in fact is really tempting, but man, I’m gunna stick this one out, no doubt. And I’m gunna be happy, first and foremost. No more rainy, duvet-days,. I rather be out jumping in the puddles!

CNV00018There’s a new flower growing in my garden. Bursting with color. A special someone who give me butterflies and the giggles. A special someone who make me smile brighter than the morning sun and laugh louder than the birds sing when spring arrives after a long, dark winter. It’s exciting. My heart skips a beat whenever he kiss me, and when he holds me, I feel safer and happier than I have in a very long time. CNV00021Cheers to wonderful, beardy men, kisses and cheesy new year resolutions. (and as I’ve said before,i will try my best to publish my shizzle more frequently, bc in the end, i do love this whole blog thing.)


Listen to: The Growlers and Balthazar whilst enjoying brighter days x

Written 5.01.15.

  1. Linn Helen says:

    Det er så deilig å lese bloggen din, det er som å lese sine egne tanker. Det er som å ta en pause fra det som er, og bare slappe litt av. Det er deilig! Takk:)

  2. ine says:

    :’D reading that you’re happy makes me happy. congratulations on your special bearded flower. a bearded man entered my life, too, just as twenty-fifteen started, actually. he made me laugh so much my smiling muscles started hurting.