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My name is Johanne, some people call me Joe. I’m ahead of my time, pretending to be twenty three, when in reality, I’m born in 96. My heart belongs to Oslo, but at the moment I live in York, England. Canon EOS 5D Mark i is my baby, with which I like to capture your wrinkly grin and my dirty coffee cup. I love red lips, wine and high heels. I dance all night long and make out in the dark. Music. My creative mind awakens during the night, when my body lust for love and my dreams become bigger than what I’m capable of. There is nothing sexier than men with beard and tattoos.
Life’s all about living, right?

This blog is my attempt to create something inspirational, by expressing myself through words, photographs and fashion.

You may contact me on mail: johanne.tollanes@getmail.no
and please excuse my norwenglish.